Launching an ICO PR Campaign

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Launching an ICO PR Campaign

No matter how brilliant an idea is, it will remain unnoticed without competent PR. This rule is especially apt when it comes to attracting investment, and in ICOs in particular. The more aspects of the PR campaign are thought through in advance and carried out, the higher the chance of achieving the investment goals set.

We’re not just talking about traditional promotional materials and promotion through digital and print media, but also about:

  • Personal PR for the company head;
  • Preparing expert content;
  • Launching native advertising;
  • Mentions in subject-area articles, etc.

So if you don’t have competent and experienced PR experts on your team, don’t overestimate yourself: turn to a specialized agency for help from the start, because the cost of an error is very high.

Let’s take a look at the typical process for launching and carrying out a PR campaign for an ICO project.

ICO PR Campaign Phases

Let’s assume that the project’s website and White Paper have already been put together.

Preparatory Phase

During the preparatory phase, development must be completed for all promotional materials and at least part of the text and graphic content.
In addition, during this phase you need to set a specific date for the ICO launch, in order to finalize a timeline for marketing operations.
Finally, while preparing an ICO PR campaign, you need to already be publishing announcements, so that you have a media space ready for future materials.
Market research needs to be conducted during this phase, and the target audience of investors must be determined.

If this audience assumes the engagement of foreign nationals, the announcement materials and platforms for placement need to be selected on the basis of language.

Potential Sources of Traffic

There are two sources of traffic where you can and should publish preliminary announcements:

Subject-Area Media Outlets and Social Media
This speaks for itself: brief announcements can be integrated into subject-area articles or posted independently. It is crucial to pay attention to the feedback. The quantity and contents of responses and comments is an excellent source of valuable information that can be used to adjust the primary promotional materials. As for social media, useful traffic can only be generated from Facebook and LinkedIn. Recently, has also been included in this group. Wasting your funds on other networks is simply not worth it.
Trackers are specialized services with brief announcements about upcoming ICOs. Your target audience is better represented here, but there is also more competition for placement. There are both paid and free trackers, and there is no need to choose between them. You can and should use as many platforms as possible, and in order to achieve the maximum effect from this aspect of the PR campaign, you have to effectively allocate your time and money. For example, you can conduct preliminary research into how much traffic all the services get and choose the 20 best ones, without wasting your time on the rest.

Active PR Campaign

After the preparatory phase, the actual implementation of the ICO PR campaign begins.
Following the timeline, promotional materials are published in the media, in blogs, subject-area resources, etc. All methods are viable, including personal PR, covert native advertising, online contextual ads, and mailing lists. You should, however, be careful with that last one.

Important Tips:

  • Your emails must be closer to business proposals in their contents than to spam.
  • You should only use databases of interested users for the mailings, and such databases can, of course, be obtained for a certain price.

It can be easy to get confused with all the possible methods for ICO PR, and moreover the promotion of an ICO project will vary significantly depending on the country where the PR campaign is to be launched. In addition, not all methods fit a given subject area, so, as we have said before, it is best not to skimp on a partnership with professional PR agents. This is especially true since the cost of an outsourcing agreement is comparable to paying a few staff experts.

Ongoing PR Campaign

The different between this phase and the active promotion phase is only in the time period when the promotion is taking place. Whereas the previous point was about ICO PR before fundraising begins, after the ICO launches, all the actions described above need to be kicked into high gear, regardless of how active the investors are. After the fundraising campaign begins, promotional materials can start to include a specific link to the blockchain platform.

In order to avoid excess expenses during this phase, we recommend conducting a preliminary search for investors, more often known as a pre-sale.

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