What Are ICOs and How Are They Promoted?

An ICO (initial coin offering) is a process for raising investment funding by proportionally distributing a fixed volume of crypto coins. A crowdsale is a blockchain-adapted version of the conventional IPO, where the securities are replaced by Utility tokens whose value is directly tied to the company’s capitalization.

What Is an ILP?

Given the general success of cryptoinvesting, it comes as no surprise that traditional market contracts are gradually transitioning into the crypto system. ILPs (Initial Loan Procurements) are an excellent example of this.

ITOs vs ICOs

ITOs, or initial token offerings, are a relatively recent concept on the market, which can to a certain extent be referred to as a more generalized version of ICOs.

What Is an STO?

Crowd investing on blockchain platforms, more commonly known as ICOs, keeps gaining speed. Unfortunately, this kind of growth and high market cap is the perfect “nutrient medium” for fraud and pseudo ICOs. The solution to this problem is a …

What Is an IPO?

The well-known term “IPO” (Initial Public Offering), which you have likely heard on the news or in movies about stock trading, broadly signifies a company’s shares being listed on a particular stock exchange.

Launching an ICO PR Campaign

No matter how brilliant an idea is, it will remain unnoticed without competent PR. This rule is especially apt when it comes to attracting investment, and in ICOs in particular. The more aspects of the PR campaign are thought through in advance and carried out, the higher the chance of achieving the investment goals set.

ICO PR in India

In late 2017 and early 2018, India followed China’s suit and began implementing targeted limits on the circulation of fiat currency within its borders. Naturally, this resulted in a sharp drop in Indians’ interest in investing in ICO projects. The culmination of these actions was news of a complete, countrywide ban on operations with cryptocurrency, handed down by the Supreme Court of India.

ICO PR in Russia

Although it may not seem so at first glance, Russia is the world leader in growth in the ICO project investment market. See for yourself: in 2016, about 100 million dollars were invested in just over 100 crowdsales, whereas in 2017 investments in successful ICOs topped 4 billion.

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